IT Tech Support


Managed IT Tech Support Services

Our managed IT Tech Support Services are designed so you can concentrate on results while we handle the day-to-day operation. We know that whenever a support engineer visit is needed, that is a fantastic opportunity for providing great service, and the only way to provide it is by having the right team supported by tools and training.

Field Tech Support

Our Field Tech Support Service have coverage throughout Mexico. If your users are distributed among several locations in Mexico, you can rest assured that all of them are going to have the same quality of service provided by our team at a fraction of the cost of having permanent staffing on every location.


LATAM coverage

If some of your users reside in South American countries, our LATAM team can provide services while keeping the same quality and the convenience of a single invoice.

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Warranty Management Service

We can manage interactions with your device vendors, so your core teams can concentrate on what matters the most: producing value to your business.

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Asset Management Service

Asset Management is a challenge for most businesses. OpenService can help you keeping track of the status and location of your valuable devices as well as to manage supplying, retiring and recycling processes as you keep track of the performance of the processes through KPI.

Project Management Service

Our skilled Service Management team is ready to take projects end to end to suit your needs. Being a PC refresh or a platform upgrade, we can take care of every aspect of the service so you can sit back and track the progress.